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The most recurrent questions (non-exhaustive list).

I bought a Wortis cash-register, how can I activate it?

Before you begin, you must start your device by setting the switch to 1, then pressing the ON button for 5 seconds. (don’t forget to activate the english subtitles on the video)

Then connect your device to the internet, using either your Wifi network or the ethernet cable, or the sim card that is placed after the battery of your device. Note that to activate your box, the internet connection is mandatory and you must be in possession of the information provided by Wortis, including:

– The Licence

– The key.

This information will also be required whenever you want to associate a new smartphone or tablet to your business. Please keep them carefully and do not share them with third parties. You must accept the terms and conditions of use you can read in full on the website https://www.wortis.fr and choose the type of box you use depending on the size of the screen: between 10 inches and 15 inches for the maxibox. Validate this information to start the 6 step process:


Step 1 : The first step is taxation. It is filled automatically. Currency and VAT that you can change or add if you are subject to multiple VAT rates.


Step 2 : The second step is to fill in the contact details as well as the legal information of the company. If you are in France, note that the Siret number is mandatory.


Step 3 : The third step concerns the setting of the receipt. In the header as well as at the bottom of the page, the information of the company is directly taken back. You can change them or do it later in the Wortis setting.

Other options are also available, including: – Do not print receipts for purchases of less than 25 euros in France. – Display product images rather than single texts. – Use an external shower, compatible Android connected by USB or bluetooth.


Step 4 : This step allows you to activate the modules you need. For example customer file management, order management, access from a computer, inventory management, internal messaging between colleagues, management of the cash drawer if it is connected to your box.


Step 5 :  It’s about creating user accounts. You will need for each agent to create an identifier that can be a first name or a name. Note that the first account to create is the one of the administrator of your system.

For the rest, the email address of the agent is mandatory. Then specify the authorizations granted to the user account namely: Access to the cash register for sales registration, Access from a smartphone, access from a computer with this account, authorization to make discounts, print the documents, and finally the opening of the drawer.

You can add other user accounts by clicking the “More” button. Note that the creation of other user accounts can occur later, in the menu Personnel management from your box, your smartphone, or your computer.


Step 6 : The last step is to check the payment methods accepted by your company. For example cash, credit card, check and restaurant ticket. Finally, click the end button to save your settings.

During loading, you will receive an email with the password of the account administrator you have created. Please enter your username and password. They will be asked each time you start the box.
If you wish, you can store your information so that you do not have to enter it each time you log in. For your security please personalize your password.

Is it possible to test the Wortis App ?


To test Wortis for free on your Android tablet, you must first fill out the form by clicking on the link : https://www.wortis.fr/en/try-the-app/… then click on “Test the app”.

You will receive the credentials as well as the download link of the test application. Download it, then launch. The application will ask you for the license and the key at startup. Click on the “Demonstration” button located at the bottom left of your screen.

Specify if you are in the euro zone or dollar or if your country uses the franc. Finally answer “Yes” I have an account to log in using the identifiers received by email.

At the first connection, the application will ask you to identify the device. Give a code and a name to your tablet. For example TAB1 for the code and TABLET 1 for the name, then validate by clicking on the blue button.

Does the Wortis Cash Register solution meet the NF525 standard for 2018 ?

Of course !

The Wortis solution was designed while taking into account the existence of this law, which dates from December 2015. Thus, all conditions of inalterability, security, storage and archiving of data are well respected by Wortis.

In addition, a certificate of conformity is issued to any purchaser of the Wortis solution, in order to cover all the risks in case of control of the tax services. This certificate is named after the company using Wortis and the version used.

In summary, the Wortis solution is up to 2018 standards.

How can I get my certificate for 2018 ?

The certificate is individual, after the purchase of your Wortisbox (at Wortis or from one of the distributors), go to the site by clicking here to Download the document.
You will have to provide either the invoice number if you are a new customer, or the customer number if you are already a Wortis customer.
You can request this certificate now, without waiting for the deadline of January 1, 2018.

How many smartphones or tablets can I associate with my cash-register ?


The number of smartphones to associate with your caisse depends only on you as administrator. Indeed, several smartphones can connect to your cash register with different applications and missions.

For example, you as a manager may decide to allow one of your employees (Store Manager for example) to use his smartphone to check the inventories, as well as the collection of the day of the entire team.

Then, your servers in the room (as part of traditional catering), you can decide to grant them the opportunity to take orders from their smartphones through a dedicated application, always connected to the cashier.

Finally, the kitchen or bar will use tablets also connected to your cash register, to facilitate the reception and preparation of orders. Finally, if you have home delivery, they can also use smartphones also connected to the cash register, to manage the delivery fleet.

Each application and each user has rights that only the administrator (the manager) can decide to grant. An entire module allows the manager to supervise the access granted to the staff of his company. And this, from his smartphone, his Wortisbox or his computer.

Is the subscription mandatory to use a Wortis box? ?

No obligation to subscribe, but it’s very useful.

In fact, Wortis offers in addition to the Wortisbox (all-in-one checkout equipment: Screen + Printer integrated ticket + barcode reader) , the purchase option of the cash desk software called “Wortis Light“, always compliant with standards 2018.

This is a limited access to the Cash Register’s basic features, including the sales recorder, the printing of sales receipts, the use of barcodes to sell, the consultation of past sales, etc.
All management modules (Stocks, Customers, Suppliers, SMS, Email, Personal, Marketing, etc.) are not available in this limited version of the software. The use of smartphones, tablets or computers is not possible.

Can we try Wortis before buy it ?

Yes !

It is possible to test the Wortisbox in one of the outlets. You will find the list of points of sale by clicking here.

It is also possible to download the Wortis Manager application (Click here for the Android version or here for the iOS version) on your smartphone, to discover the features offered to managers.

You may also request a demo from the sales department, who will answer you immediately.

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