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Transfer your accounting data directly to your expert.

Transfer your accounting data directly to your expert.

Export your accounting data in one click.

From your Wortis cash register, your smartphone or your online software, you can directly transfer the accounting data to your expert. The goal is to allow the latter to retrieve the data in an orderly way to keep your accounting from third-party software. The compatibility of the data transmitted by the Wortis platform with the various accounting software is ensured. However, you can define the period concerned by this transfer or choose from the predefined periods proposed including the previous month, the previous quarter, the previous semester, the previous year, etc.

Invoicing, receipts, cash journals, etc.

You transfer all your billing to your accountant by clicking on a simple. The VAT collected to be declared is already automatically calculated with the different rates to which your company is subject. It is the same for the receipts which are automatically classified by day and according to the payment methods used (cash, Cb, checks, Tickets restaurants, ApplePay, Mobile Money, etc.).

Inventory Inventory: The machine to go back in time.

At the end of the year, your accountant often asks you for your inventory on a specific date (December 31), for example. With one click on your smartphone, you can send the status of your inventory to this date. The platform will go back in time to bring you the situation you had that day. Moreover you can at any time, evaluate the values ​​of the goods present in your company.


7 June 2018



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